08-07-2017, 04:56 PM
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*****************Pictures coming shortly!*************

Greetings TSN,

On offer is a brass Colonial General paired with a brass Stork Aristocrat handle.  I am a big fan of the General, but find that I reach for its aluminum brethren more often than not so I figured I would turn this one loose.  To the best of my knowledge the brass Generals are now sold out, and their final selling price was $69.  As such I am lowering my price to hopefully make it a bit more appealing for someone who was unable to get their hands on one of these great shavers.  I have not polished the razor since I received it, and on the underside where the blade has touched the head there is some oxidation.  However, a little elbow grease would buff it out.    
  • I purchased the Colonial General on its original release, and paid $99.
  • I purchased the handle direct from Stork and paid $125.  
Total new price was $224.  I am asking $150 shipped CONUS with payment via Paypal, or I am willing to consider trades for two-band Thaters or Shavemacs, preferably with a plexi or black handle.

Please PM if you have any questions, and thanks for looking.

*****************Pictures coming shortly!*************

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