08-12-2017, 09:37 AM
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I would like to trade 2 soaps:
Portus Cale Shaving Soap - Portus Cale Shaving Soap has a soft shave soap consistency that produces a fine bubble, thick lather. It has a citrus, cedar, and amber scent that is refined, but fresh and inviting.  It is not for me I tried 3 times. Container has 125g
Baume.BE Shaving Soap Refill, 135g I tried also 3 times but I don’t like the smell.
What I would like to try…is 1 puck of
Soap Smooth, Wolfpack Shaving Artisan Soap, Local Gent Shaving Co.  Edwin Jagger, Haslinger Aloe Vera or Seaweed or Honey in this order.
Everybody pays for shipping. I bought them for 35$ + shipping  so I think is a good deal. Please let me know what you have it.

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