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[Image: zvku7MF.jpg]hey gents,
I have some razors for sale. Please see below for pricing. If you have any questions pm me. I accept a few different payment options. I would consider trades. I'm looking for the following:
1. Timeless
2. Charcoal
3. Gibbs
*shipping price is Conus unless we work something else out. Shipping is per item. If you buy multiples we can work on combined shipping. I would consider shipping international.
Razors with no case $3.25 shipping
Razors with case $5 shipping

English Parat: $40
Some plate loss

English Fat Handle Tech: $25
Some plate loss under cap and handle

Sheraton: 70
Some gold loss

Sheraton: $60
Down to brass and copper

Old type set: $38
Down to brass and has cracks. Comes with original brush that needs to be reknotted. Missing blade holders.

Schick: $20
Case insert warped

Gold long comb: $20
Some gold loss on cap

Fat handle tech: $15

schick white injector: $20

German 4pce travel: $10

Schick injector: $10

Super speed: $8
User grade needs polish

Super speed: $10
Needs polish

Nickel ball end tech: $10 - sold
Minor plate loss

Gold ball end tech: $8
Looks good

Gold ball end tech: $8
Minor plate loss on cap

Travel tech: $ 8
Nos aluminum handle

Travel tech: $ 8
Looks good

Travel tech: $ 8
Looks good

Flare tip: $8
User grade

English No 58 Aristocrat: $95
Some discoloration on the case
English HD500: $45
Crack on the clear case
Slim : $20 - sold
Missing paint on some numbers
Ranger Tech: $20 - Sold
Plate loss on head and handle
Gold Milord $25 - sold
Gold loss on guards
Criterion empty case: $40 - Sold
Looks new

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 08-14-2017, 02:39 AM
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