08-16-2017, 12:49 PM
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The den cleaning continues...

Ikon B1 with OSS head. I paid ~$166 (US) with stand.  

Merkur 23c with extra long handle.  My first razor since becoming a wet shaver!  I paid $34 (US). (I've converted from Canadian currency, so it might be a bit off)

Ikon with stand $100 $85 $75 plus shipping to US.  Shipping to Canada included. SHIPPING TO US OR CANADA INCLUDED.

Merkur $20 $15 plus shipping to US.  Shipping to Canada included.

[Image: aABmExe.jpg]

[Image: fYp6ojm.jpg]

[Image: nJD0pzH.jpg]

[Image: P1EkVPz.jpg]

[Image: 2JP9rSo.jpg]

[Image: FcZ5fJJ.jpg]

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