08-16-2017, 02:43 PM
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I often buy - then sell - then buy ..... I really don't have RAD ... I have more of a yo-yo or boomerang affliction.

I am selling off a couple items to fund a purchase.

Here is a Robeson ShurEdge Straight Razor

Bought as shave ready and I never used it.  
The seller to me said 
Bevel set with one layer of electrical tape
6k Japanese wet stone
12k Japanese oil stone
50 strokes on linen
50 strokes on leather

I will ship with a very light coat of mineral oil on the blade to protect.  Great condition

Vintage - not in production - items and no current price to list.  I purchased it for 30.00 with free shipping.  Selling for 28.00 with free shipping in the CONUS.  Thanks for looking

[Image: 4QZamWi.jpg]

[Image: Par78KR.jpg]

[Image: 6Tr7MWl.jpg]

[Image: HoMbjYN.jpg]

[Image: FTpVAJu.jpg]

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