08-26-2017, 07:35 AM
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Each of the listed razor(s) is $35 shipped in CONUS.  Each razor has seen minimal use by me except for the Gold HD which from memory has never been used.

Group Photo (minus the Injectors)
[Image: TxG52gY.jpg]

1. Elite Razor Damascus Steel handle with Muhle R89 head (retail:  handle $35; head $40 from Bullgooseshaving.com)

[Image: DDGFvUv.jpg]
[Image: GFUCSYN.jpg]

2. SOLD  - Elite Razor Black Smoke handle with Muhle R41 head (retail: handle $37; head - $40)
[Image: 55mOtxY.jpg]

3) SOLD - Merkur Gold HD - retail $51 from Westcoastshaving.com
[Image: WaEqK8W.jpg]

4) SOLD - Gillette NEW (by Delta Echo) - retail for Delta Echo work on 3-piece razor is $60.  There is a small mark on top cap which was there prior to Delta Echo's refinish.  I have tried to picture it in the photos.
[Image: wkSeEUF.jpg]
[Image: IdtNU4x.jpg]

5) Schick Injector Lot - includes Type G8 and Type L.  If more knowledgeable injector owners notice these are the wrong types, please let me know and I'll adjust the listing.  I'll also include the blades remaining in a vintage Schick injector pack.  I'm not sure how many blades are left in the pack but would think 3 or 4.
[Image: v06Z8No.jpg]

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 08-26-2017, 08:51 AM
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Do you have a full close up of the entire Delta handle?

Also, what exact finish did you choose on the razor?

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