08-30-2017, 04:09 AM
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I was wondering, reading what people wear as their fragrance in the 'what fragrance are you wearing' thread, do you change the type of fragrance you wear based on seasons and how warm/cold the weather is, where you live ?

I do.

I never ever use my heavy leather, musk, tobacco, incense and very sweet spicy fragrances in late spring, summer and early fall.

During the warmer season I mainly use my lighter citrus, aquatic and milder scents. The heavy ones just don't quite smell so great in hotter weather to my nose.

To me, a heavy spicy scent is what I want to cut through the colder weather, and when the heating inside is amped up to avoid getting cold.

On the other hand a lighter more airy fragrance suits me far better, when it's hot outside and sometimes also inside.

With that said, there are no rules other than: Wear what you like, whenever you like to wear it !

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 08-30-2017, 06:03 AM
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I am with you on this Claus. There are so many frags in my collection I have not touched in months Memoir, Epic, Black Afgano etc etc. These frags get too cloying in Warmer months. More than others, it gets irritating for self to wear such heavy frags.

I am a newbie in terms of collecting frags and started my journey somewhere in winters last year and made many purchases according to the season. It's only in this summers that I have made a move towards summer based scents and feel there is more to explore in this quadrant.

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 08-30-2017, 08:44 AM
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Menthol seems wrong in the snow and cold, however, some wintery days need a menthol pick-me-up.
Fitjar Islands seems to have seasonal related scents.  All sandalwood creams are excellent and good year round.

I have a fairly set rotation for razors and brushes.  Creams & soaps are my "what do I want today choice".  Previously, I was a cream user and 3-4 creams in the den.  My selection was based on mental (how I felt) and seasonality.  I have added a few soaps recently so more choices.

I like a milder scent year round.  I might try summer time fruity (lime, orange, etc) scent some dark cold winter day and see if that helps.  A strong dark scent on a blustery winter day also seems wrong.

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 08-30-2017, 12:48 PM
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I do, only because I get cloyed easily. It's pretty hot where I am located, and many sweet gourmands don't get used as much as I'd like. I like Pure Malt, however it's just not going to be comfortable for me on a hot, humid day not unless I use a very little amount. Even more so with heavy Tobacco and Leather scents. Tobacco Vanille gets complimented, however I do get tired of it's scent fairly quickly, cause I find it to be really in your face. 

I don't get to enjoy many Aquatics as much, however there's a few I am drawn to, Polo Blue for instance, or light vetiver's like L'eau Boisee or when it's not too hot, a woody aromatic like Cade. Most of the time, I prefer a light citrus, a perfect example of this is Terre de Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche, Versace Man Eau Fraiche as opposed to Clinique's Happy. 

When attending something important like a family reunion on a sunny Sunday, AdP Colonia is definitely up there. It's a very good and versatile scent for me, or even a notch higher, Aventus which is incredibly versatile. Which I think is also it's weakness. It get's too much screen time cause it's so good, you kind of want to take a few breaks from it.

When it's cold, or rainy, my options are much broader. Polor Red, L'Instant, 1 Million, Eau de Baux etc. I am somewhate unsure where to place the likes of Millisime Imperial, it can be too sweet or in your face for me as well. I think it works well on a bright sunny day for many folks but for me, I'd have to exercise restraint. Many times it's me that's the problem, I get dizzy easily. Not sure why exactly.

I'm just a fan of scents, with very elementary knowledge but just like with clothes in my possesion, many of my choices are mostly guided by what's going on outside.

On that note, I find myself enjoying long lasting aftershaves these days. They are mostly light, inexpensive, versatile and a few can perform really well.

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