08-31-2017, 03:47 PM
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Recently, we created the "TRADITION LINE " PantaRei. Line that incorporates the traditional pottery of Palermo, Sicilian ceramics of ancient barons villas of 1800yrs. Thanks to extensive research on patterns and lines, we were able to put on a shaving Bowl, traditional designs and certainly very original! You will get a bit of Sicily, Italy, in your passion for shaving!
Diameter 17/18cm. ; height around 6/6,5cm.
Here are some pictures:
[Image: 1Nkka22.jpg]
[Image: jywrMuv.jpg][Image: QN42BPQ.jpg][Image: 2AuFVMS.jpg][Image: aTgvVtv.jpg][Image: KAsx9ED.jpg][Image: u1TEkKu.jpg][Image: l4Nlmjp.jpg][Image: QfWsVBT.jpg][Image: Io3akH8.jpg]

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