09-03-2017, 02:48 PM
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Earlier today, in a thread which has since been closed, a member wrote that "our overlords won't allow disparaging comments about their paying-artisans regardless of how bad they are."  This assertion is so demonstrably false that I am compelled to address it.

It is categorically not the policy or practice of TSN to suppress posts critical of our Artisans/Vendors.  We are an open discussion forum.  All views, including those critical of our Artisans/Vendors, are published as long as they are appropriately expressed.  Anyone who takes the time and makes the effort to review prior posts will see some which are critical of TSN Artisans/Vendors.

What TSN will not allow is the bashing of any Artisans/Vendors.  This extends to all Artisans/Vendors, even those not affiliated with TSN.  At times, criticism can get so harsh, gratuitous, excessive, abusive or repetitive, that it no longer serves any legitimate purpose.  If people are piling on, we will take whatever steps we deem appropriate .  This is not done to silence the criticism, but to preserve the integrity and quality of the discussions on our forum.

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