09-04-2017, 01:03 PM
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SOLD -- Thanks to TSN Buyer.


Up for grabs are a couple of recent Triad handles in Titanium. Nothing wrong with them I just prefer longer & heavier handles. Specs/details are:

[1] On the left: Triad "Small Diamonds" (Titanium) 

- I'm the first owner (bought in July this year directly from Toby); a handful of uses only. Very grippy.

- Diameter: 14mm

- Length: 90mm

- Weight: 46g

- Grade 5 titanium

- Paid USD$150 +$6.80 shipping; yours for USD$150 CONUS shipped.

[2] On the right: Triad "Double Diamond" (Titanium)  

- I'm the second owner; bought earlier this year in August from the original owner (a trusted member of the TSN community); a handful of uses only.

- Diameter: 14mm

- Length: 86mm

- Weight: 42g

- Grade 5 titanium

- Paid USD$148 for it, yours for USD$145 CONUS shipped.

Thanks for looking.

[Image: d5787630b9daa3607514bc69e7b766e9.jpg]

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 09-04-2017, 01:21 PM
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pm sent

Thank you

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