09-09-2017, 10:42 AM
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I've been DE shaving for the past 4 years and entered the SE realm about 6 months back. While I love the quality shave a DE/SE shave, I don't always have time for one. It takes me roughly 25 minutes from stepping into the restroom to walking out.
For the days that I am rushed, would the Trac ii or Atra be a viable option?
Does the trac ii or Atra require the same amount of focus, can you use pressure without cutting yourself, is the shave as close?

Most importantly, do you experience ingrown hairs from shaving with a Trac ii or an Atra?

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 09-09-2017, 11:10 AM
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If you use the same technique that has been developed for DE/SE shaving - a cartridge razor will provide you with good results. Theses days I use carts when I travel since I only carry-on, and coupled with a quality synthetic and a shave stick - I'm good to go. Technique takes care of ingrown and razor burn for the most part, but you will need to apply more pressure than a DE/SE. In terms of which cartridge, you'll need to experiment. A lot of gents really like the feather neo mr3 - but it wasn't a good fit for me, whereas a simple Gillette fusion worked much better.

Strangely enough - I don't shave faster with a cart vs. DE/SE, since I still use a shave stick and brush to work up a lather. That's why I shave at night I suppose... to remove time limitations.

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 09-09-2017, 02:22 PM
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I bought the Personna twin cartridge, which is similar to the Atra/Tracii, to use as a backup when I travel. I've only used it once, but I didn't get any ingrown hairs like I used to get. I didn't really find it any faster though.

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