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Happy Sunday Fellow Nookers,

I’m looking to put together a trade or two for some of the items that I don’t really use anymore or have duplicates of. Not sure what the interest will be in these items, so I didn’t take a lot of pics, but will take more if requested.
I’m looking to add only a few items in return and will trade even up or multiple items depending on the trade offer. I could also float some cash as well if needed.
Here are the items I’m looking for -
1. Paladin brush 28/30mm with the higher end hair. I’m not interested in the Paladin Nook brush.
2. Wolfman Razor solid bar. I’m not sure what the stock situation is on these anymore since I’ve been focusing on another hobby of mine.
3. Cobra classic razor.
4. King Cobra handle, a UFO or triad would be great.
A few notes about my trade items -
Army Khaki – This set is in great shape, I purchased it in three different lots in an attempt to assemble the best set I could. No cracks in the handle and no bent teeth. The case alone cost me $50 (my habit was a bit out of control when I did purchased this).
Hoffritz Futur – not sure the value of this razor, but I know it’s very rare given that most people don’t know they even exist. I’d classify this is more of a collector’s item than a daily shaver. There is some corrosion under the top cap.
Hoffritz Slant – this piece is in near perfect condition. I can’t say this for sure, but I’m pretty certain that it’s never been used and is NOS.
RazoRock Razors – Black Mamba and Early Baby Smooth.
Lacoq Razor – this razor is rather rare as well. Truth be told it’s the most aggressive razor I’ve ever shaved with. So if you are looking for something to take the first few layers of skin off, this is your razor.
Gillette Bostonian – This razor is in very good shape but does have a small crack at the top of the handle. The case is great and moves the razor up and down when its opened and closed.
Fasan Slant – The Fasan case is one I haven’t seen before, but is pretty beat up.

The remaining razors are in user grade to collector grade. The handle is Jorgen Hempel titanium. Don’t hesitate with questions, or if you want more close up pictures of any items.
I should be online later tonight after the Packer game. If not I will respond to any trade offers or questions by mid-day tomorrow, as I have meetings Monday mornings.
Thanks for looking.


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