08-26-2012, 05:20 PM
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I'd like to trade for a different 1k stone that's why I wanna offer a norton 220/1000k combo but if your interested in purchase just pm me and we can discuss a price This is great for bevel setting the stone is still wet so
[Image: 597821C4-C3A0-4E67-BCCE-B9D4661A6968-530...8A0BCA.jpg]
[Image: 80C48E74-5BFE-4C98-A7CE-6110B37F93D6-530...0FE8E6.jpg]
[Image: 82F0DC2C-1502-4297-9293-B54F0E024EF1-530...1D9E12.jpg]
[Image: 59888D00-E4E5-453A-9612-E385B58C0312-530...6BB5D7.jpg]

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