09-20-2017, 12:12 PM
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I got a Parker Variant several weeks ago..what a great razor. It's the first adjustable I've used since a Slim many years ago. With inaccessible, moving parts inside exposed to water/soap, what is a good maintenance plan to keep it working well and maximize its life? Thanks for any suggestions.

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 09-20-2017, 12:32 PM
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The Merkur progress (Digress/Mergress) comes apart easily.  If the Parker is a true copy, then it should come apart just as easily.

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 09-20-2017, 12:34 PM
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FWIW instructions from Merkur. Also FWIW my 45 year old Progress has never been oiled and works just fine.

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 09-20-2017, 12:35 PM
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You can pull the adjustment knob out from the handle...it has a split ring and lightly oil the metal or just use a q-tip to do the same ...I use high quality sewing machine oil which works well and doesn,t smell like other oils...always put the top plate back on with the groove matching the base plate....the razor is made extremely well so even if you didn,t do anything it would last for years...just don,t leave a wet blade in it and you should have no problems.

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 09-22-2017, 12:56 PM
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The adjusting knob pulls out just like the progress. Tey are not different in this department. I oil the moving parts with synthetic clock oil which repels moisture. It's the kind of oil they use on the old grandfather clocks.

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