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FS: Paypal, CONUS. Just PM me, please, as I won’t be checking the post. Thank you…

SOLD (1) Ikon Tech with Bulldog II handle. Head with OSS handle is currently out of stock at Ikon. The upgrade 85mm Bulldog II is no longer available. I paid $46 for the head, $51 for the handle (shipped). Head is in good condition (small visible plate loss on the top cap post, and very slight plating wear on the corners are barely visible to the naked eye; slight wear on the top of the base plate/post holes). Handle is excellent. I’ll take $60 (no offers, thanks) for both, shipped.

[Image: HlJu8XG.jpg]
[Image: qsAC2Ec.jpg]
[Image: iEfCSB1.jpg]
[Image: 35v3BqT.jpg]
[Image: mB8BGqK.jpg]
[Image: 6O6rwny.jpg]

SOLD  (2) Rockwell peripherals never used: Rockwell stainless steel stand (for 13mm  / 1/2 in handle) + 100 Stainless Rockwell razor blades (Retail at Maggard Razors or Rockwell: stand $30.00 plus shipping; blades $9.99 plus shipping).  $24 shipped.

[Image: UASN3O3.jpg]

(3) Utopia razor. I like mine (check out Amazon reviews) -- this has been my never used backup. Chrome plated brass handle and I believe head, too. Efficient and IMO a little more aggressive than the EJ 89. (Retail Amazon Prime for newest version $14.99). $12 shipped.

[Image: 0pU9fBK.jpg]

[Image: O6UxFYD.jpg]

(4) Kingsley Pure Badger brush (made in UK). Gently used, soft with some backbone, a nice basic brush. Knot 20mm/Loft 48mm/Handle 51 mm  (current MSRP on Amazon, $26.28 shipped). $12 shipped.

[Image: 5vOPgyT.jpg]


Stirling Mountain Man, new 4.5 oz. puck
Mike’s Natural Barbershop, 95% of 5 oz,

TRADED   Strop Shoppe Bay Rum (not clove-y), 70-75% of 140 ml

Interested only in these artisans (near value in new or slightly used): WSP, Mickey Lee, Mike’s Natural, Soap Commander, or Catie’s Bubbles.

Thanks for looking...

[Image: g4fEaq5.jpg]

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Rockwell items sold.

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