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I am thinking about attempting to mix my own scented toner, and I have a few questions. To be more specific, I am considering making my own Bay Rum scented toner using Thayer’s unscented witch hazel. So here are my questions:

1. Would it be better to use the alcohol or alcohol free version of the toner? I’ve read that having a bit of alcohol in the mix will improve the results.

2. Does any one have a suggestion on where to start with the mix ratio or amounts to mix, assuming EO is being used?

3. Finally, does anyone have a recommendation on a brand or store for EOs?


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 09-25-2017, 06:42 PM
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Just IMO...

Having alcohol won't make or break the formula.
I say use it. It definitely disinfects, and for many guys, the short lived alcohol burn is part of the fun. If the overall formula is done right, the alcohol inclusion won't dry out your skin.

I have no idea what would be a good baseline concentration to use. I just would recommend to err on the side of less EO/FO is better (especially with spicy ones), and add one drop at a time.
Also, be ware that the integral droppers on the tops of EO jars are not high quality and cannot really be trusted: some drip really fast immediately, some don't drip for a few seconds (sometimes like 10 seconds) then out of nowhere drip really fast, some are very slow drips and you have to shake the jar, and sometimes the oil dries up inside the dropper and becomes 95%-100% clogged.

I've always bought EOs from health food stores like Whole Foods or a local co-op market, or similar. Probably better to buy at a store rather than buying online, so you can sniff the tester.

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