09-23-2017, 10:37 AM
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My wife and I were doing some "fall" cleaning, if you can consider 90+ degrees fall Smile, so figured I would do the same with my shave den and list a few items that hopefully someone can put to good use. Let's keep this CONUS please. Price includes shipping. Please contact me with questions, interest, etc. Thanks much for looking!

First Lot is 4 Razorock products.
Tight Buns soap - used 5 times or less. Current retail is $11.
The Freedberg soap - unused. Current retail is $10.
One X & Two XX aftershave splashes. Used a few times, see lines drawn on pic for level. I believe they retailed for 8-10 when they were available.
Asking $20 shipped for lot.
[Image: cfc945400dd0fd4a599cc38e08c0217d.jpg]

Second lot is 4 CRSW products.
Barbiere Sapone soap - unused. Unavailable at the moment but current retail for Select in general is around $17.
LeChype Sombre soap - estimate 50% remaining. Retail is $17.
Winter Limited Edition soap 6oz tin - estimate 35% remaining. Amazing scent if you've never had the opportunity to try this.
Spiced Amber balm - used a few times, estimate 90% remaining. Older version that is thicker, not sure of retail but current is $20.
$40 shipped for the lot.
[Image: 5dd07753296d29edd9d7c84f00af07b9.jpg]

Third Lot includes 5 creams. Note that I used a plastic teaspoon that has only ever been used for the purpose of removing cream from tubs when using these. Also, trying to be very conservative with the estimates below.
TOBS Avocado - estimate 40% remaining. Retail is $17.
TOBS St. James - used twice. Retail is $17.
DR Harris Arlington - estimate 25% remaining. Retail is $30.
Simpson Citrus Burst - estimate 35% remaining. Retail is $25.
Truefitt & Hill No. 10 - estimate 50% remaining. Retail is $25.
$40 shipped for the lot.
[Image: 8a6f94808b3174291f70a7e0ec4a2473.jpg]

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