08-27-2012, 06:13 AM
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I thought I would ask a few questions...........
I had a boar brush sometime a go but sold it on fairly quickly, maybe to quickly as I don't think I gave it chance to break in. All of my brushes are made by either Rod Neep or Bejay both custom brush makers in the UK and are either two band or in Silver Tip badger brushes. but after hearing of Bens conversion what other boar/badger mixes are available? Also what is the advantage is the mix of the 2 hair types?
Ideally with a similar handle to the Shaving Nook L.E, I know I have missed the boat on that one so I will have to look at the next best thing..............any advise please ??

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 08-27-2012, 07:02 AM
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Im afraid that theyre not many brushes with a mix of badger and boar.

You have the Vulfix 404 boar and badger,but that one has less than 10% of badger hair.However,is a very decent brush for its price.

Vie Long makes horse and badger mix brushes and theyre very good,albeit,more expensive than the Vulfix 404.

Omega used to make the one called "mighty midget" but I dont know if that brush is still under production these days.

The advantages? If the brush has a good ratio of quality hair (both) you will have the best of the two worlds that are on the mix.

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