09-24-2017, 03:33 PM
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Hello Nookers!

Both these brushes have been lathered twice. Basically new. In my desire to standardize my Paladins to Ivory, I'd like to offer one of these to someone who will trade a "dead mint" Paladin Lotus 28mm knot in Ivory. That's the ONLY trade I'm looking for. If the trade goes through I will sell the other brush.

For your trouble, I will pay your shipping cost too.

#1 Paladin Lotus Cobalt 28mm - perfect / like new! Retail $250

#2 M&F (Brad Sears) Alibaba Ivory 30mm - perfect / like new! Retail $270


[Image: jzDsnIz.jpg]

[Image: 38AG7iX.jpg]

[Image: Yoo3UDK.jpg]
[Image: 6cfBOfr.jpg]

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