10-07-2017, 05:16 AM
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Planned SOTD

Razor: Timeless OC w/ Hempel Ti Handle
Blade: Gillette Platinum (7)
Brush: WDC 8 w/ Cashmere
Soap: Oleo Timeless Razor
A/S: Floid Blue

Family coming for dinner so I post my shave now.

[Image: KPl7TNf.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 05:40 AM
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OCtober 7, 2017

Acqua Di Parma
Simpson Chubby 2 Synthetic
Wolfman Ti WR1-OC with Darwin
Gillette Silver Blue
Fine Italian Citrus
Acqua Di Parma Colonia Essenza

[Image: IMG_2487-XL.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 06:20 AM
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Prep - Hot towel
Pre shave - Prep
Razor – Merkur 34C HD
Blade – Astra S/P
Brush - New Forest Tubby 1 Finest 
Soap – Local Gent : Fields & Streams (cream)
Post - Cold water rinse / Wholly Kaw: Cuero Oscuro Aftershave Toner

Hi, my name is Str8_Shaver, and I'm a Tallow junkie..... So why, you may ask yourself, am I using a Tallow free cream? Well firstly, it was sent by mistake, and secondly, it performs like a champ. It even betters a couple of my Tallow soaps!! Shok  So, yeah, a terrific start to my weekend..  Winky

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 10-07-2017, 06:22 AM
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Yoresh custom scuttle
Simpson's 57 brush
Barrister & Mann Seville soap
Feather AS-D2 razor
Weber Bulldog handle
Gillette Nacet blade
Maggard alum
Healing Scents Lavender & Peppermint aftershave

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 10-07-2017, 07:22 AM
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Prismatic. Second go with the Tian Li Blue blades. Terribly dull. Complete fail going ATG on my head, simply not cutting, where the Tian Li in the dark blue pack do well. I finished with a Nacet, a breath of fresh air. I will stick with the other Tian Li.[Image: 5c81b670297ec1f6797543e422c873e3.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 08:33 AM
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[Image: AI1Hr3g.jpg]Wolfman Razor WR1 .74mm OC WRH7 in Titanium
Feather Platinum
Grooming Dept Creedence
Envy Shave 30mm

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 10-07-2017, 08:49 AM
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Prep: Warm Shower-Stirling Bath Soap-Arkadia
Soap: Chiseled Face Cedar & Spice
Razor: Gillette NEW Short Comb
Blade: Vintage Schick Plus Platinum (Shave #8)
Brush: Wild West Brushworks/Elite Razor Manchurian White-24mmx54mm
Aftershave: Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber

WTG-XTG-ATG (adjusted angles for my beard)

Chiseled Face Cedar & Spice today. 20 seconds to load the Wild West/Elite Manchurian White brush. Easy, thick, slick, lather. Vintage Schick Plus Platinum still in the Gillette NEW SC. Excellent smooth, close shave. I finished with Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber aftershave.
[Image: 36822211474_5ddffc0bf6_b.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 08:57 AM
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Saturday AM 2017-10-07

Georgetown Pottery G20 Scuttle (Jet Black)
Rooney 2/1 Faux Horn Finest(20mm/53mm)
Floris No. 89 shaving soap (tallow)/No. 89 shaving cream
Weber Polished Head/Stork Aristocrat 2 Titanium
Polsilver Super Iridium (6)
Floris No. 89 aftershave (vintage)

A great shave with my favorite software.
[Image: TO4xHPv.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 11:46 AM
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 10-07-2017, 11:47 AM
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Morris and Forndran Alibaba Finest Badger; Stirling Lemon Chill; Blackbird; Personna Lab Blue #2; Aqua Velva; Stirling Lemon Chill Balsam.
[Image: 5fad6cfd79e2d9fc4a7239aa943f3a59.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 12:04 PM
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BBS-1 W/Stork Ti Consul
Paladin WC-XL in JADE
B&M Leviathan

[Image: oujZB3m.jpg]

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 10-07-2017, 02:16 PM
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[Image: HQ9KSam.jpg]
Barbaros TR2
GSB (1)
WW Bishop
Ballenclaugh Honey Tobacco
Thayers' Lemon
Nivea ASB

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 10-08-2017, 07:52 AM
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Merkur OC Head+EJ Handle
Polsilver Super Iridium #3
Omega S-Brush S10005 
Haslinger Coconut
Nivea ASB

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