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I'm putting up my last DE razors for sale. These were purchased last year and put away after only a few uses. All razors are in excellent condition, cleaned and wiped down after every shave. I will give preference to those willing to purchase more than one item (including add-on items).

1) RazoRock Wunderbar Slant Razor
- Unbelievably tight tolerances; near perfect fit between bottom and top plate
- Made of 316L stainless steel
- This one was purchased last year and comes with a stainless steel handle unlike the titanium handle that has come with in recent versions
- When I purchased this last year, it said that it was made in Canada; I don't see this info anymore
- Comes with original box
- Currently unavailable
- Retail price: $130

Asking price: $130 SOLD

2) Oristo Sheen DE Razor
- This one is the same or similar to the RazoRock Black Mamba
- Made of 316L stainless steel
- Tight tolerances, and good fit and finish
- Made in Canada I think
- Retail price: $199 Canadian dollars or currently $159 US dollars

Asking price: $125 SOLD

Add-On Items:
1) Razorock TECH II DE Razor
- Superb fit and finish
- Long and heavy stainless steel handle
- Mild, yet efficient shaver
- Retail price: $8

Add-on to order for $5 SOLD

2) DE Blades Bundle
- Gillette Silver Blues 100 pack (amazing blades, what can I add that others haven't already?)
- Gillette Nacet Stainless 100 pack (even better than the Silver Blues)
- Retail for Silver Blues $30
- Retail for Nacet $10

Add-on to order for $25 SOLD

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