10-14-2017, 08:16 PM
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There are no marks on this little brush to indicate the maker's name, or where it was made. What looks like a 1 isn't; it's just a little scar Smile

It is badger hair, and a slimmish knot (15mm). 

The closest I could come up with is a Simpsons 50 series. I have doubts about that, though. The handle is 30mm across the base and 40mm high.

It's clearly covered in lathing marks. I don't think I have seen a deeper butterscotch handle than this. Beautiful. Some weight to it, too.

Anyone have any idea who the maker might be? 

[Image: LcqDmBy.jpg]
[Image: ll36MyU.jpg]
[Image: fq2x6kZ.jpg]

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