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For the remaining razors, I will consider trades.  I am most interested in nicer colognes.  I would be willing to bundle several remaining items from this thread and my Den Reduction - Brushes thread for a Paradigm Titanium or a Timeless Titanium OC (.68).  I also have some other razors and brushes in the cabinet at home that can be included, if necessary.

Over the last few years, my razor collection has gotten out of hand.  As such, I'm trying to reduce it down.  Each listed price includes shipping with tracking in CONUS.  If additional pictures are needed, please let me know.  All razors are in very good to excellent condition, unless otherwise noted in the description.

1.  King Cobra with UFO handle - $275  $265.  Retail is $227 for razor and $125 for the handle. I will include the certificate with the UFO handle and the original handle as well.
[Image: pxdsVa0.jpg]
[Image: usnt7QE.jpg]

2. SOLD - Bob's Razor Works Progress - $115.  I purchased it on Shavenook for $120.  I've included a picture from that thread which show the razor disassembled and Bob's custom knob.  

3) SOLD -  Gillette 77/88 - $125 -Replated in nickel.  I also purchased it here on Shavenook for $125.  The original owner had not used if after the replating and I have used only 10-15 shaves.  Comes with case.

4) SOLD - Weber (polished) - $140.  I've include a photo of the head with a blade loaded to ensure there are no wavy blade issues with the razor.

5) TRADED - PILS with Triad OSS handle - $175  $165.  Razor was $275 from Royalshave and handle was $85.  There is a scratch on the bottom of the base plate (pictured in last photo) which came from my attempt to remove the bushing inside the head.  The razor price reflects that.  Triad custom modified an OSS handle to convert this razor into a 3 piece.  I much prefer this over the original handle.  I will include the original handle and part.
[Image: B6KR5IT.jpg]
[Image: svAgXjJ.jpg]
[Image: lvIPIX7.jpg]
[Image: 8pwg8ZV.jpg]
[Image: Wwp2352.jpg]

6) Alumigoose with Marley Metal Works Titanium handle and stand - $110 $95.  Due to a cleaning error, the original owner (Shanman) removed the glossy finished and it is now a matte finish.  I think it looks better and no change in the shave.  I believe he has a thread from awhile back on his cleaning and conversion to a matte finish.  This head has the original, more aggressive head.
[Image: grJG2mB.jpg]
[Image: kjdDL6N.jpg]

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To Esq1997:

I tried to respond to your PM but your mailbox is full.

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To the top.  Trade options added for remaining razors.

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How does the handle attach to the Pils head?  Since you haven't shown the underside of the top cap I don't think I get what kind of conversion was done.  Thanks.

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 10-26-2017, 03:03 PM
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Additional photos of the PILS added.  If more are needed, let me know.

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