10-17-2017, 09:05 PM
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I'm assuming 'from the wild' means not purchased through an auction site (?)

I took a drive south to the NSW town of Mittagong and walked into a collectibles-type place, not really expecting to see anything much... but ooooooh no.

There in a vitrine, all sparkling and shiny, is sitting a #16, and in one of those cases I have only ever seen pictures of, and never felt/touched. Aside from a bit of 'frosting' on top of the metal case itself, everything else is in mint condition. I always thought these cases looked a bit flimsy, especially the purply-colour inner, but it's really quite chunky and solid. Two blades left from the original 10. Happy face.

I don't take great pictures, but here they are. Hope you derive vicarious pleasure. 

I paid (are you sure you want to know?) US $65. Not too bad really. I love #16s. Probably my favourite Aristocrat to shave with.

[Image: 7ZSm4X1.jpg]
[Image: D6E93Gh.jpg]
[Image: 61Ysc3m.jpg]

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 10-17-2017, 10:42 PM
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Beautiful razor..  I love that flat bottom base plate.. My 21 is my favorite Gillette of all time.. enjoy it!

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 10-18-2017, 01:26 AM
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Nice case! I've been looking for a nice case of that style.

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 10-18-2017, 02:11 AM
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Amazing score!

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