10-22-2017, 10:46 AM
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Letting go of a few things today.  All prices include shipping conus only please.

1) Razorock Mamba-Just got this yesterday and used it last night.  Just a little too mild for my taste. Paid $57 shipped,  Asking $49 shipped. SOLD!!!
2) Schick Proline blades-Paid $105, Selling them in groups of 3, 2 and 2.  $39 shipped for 3 and $25 for each of the 2  (i have one 2-pack left).  ALL SOLD!!!
3) Big box O' stuff-What you see is what you get in pics 3 and 4-The OS mug has an oxford and cambridge puck used a few times in it.  The SV bowl w/lid has a AOS sandalwood puck used a few times (also including a free unused Puck).  The SV tortoise bowl has been used and moved around so it does show a little wear.  The Muhle bowl has a puck of Fine AB used a few times in it.  The horn palm bowls have tabac and shalfmilch in them.  The Icolonial is two pucks worth and used a couple of times.  The Klar is original and has been used a handful of times.  The boar brushes I started hand lathering to break them in and haven't touched my face. The Wickhams has been used a few times, and the other products once or twice at most.  A conservative estimate on new prices for all of this would well above $300.  Asking $129 shipped which is about the cost of the SV bowl shipped here to the U.S.  

[Image: jOzyaL6.jpg][Image: HDJ5dYP.jpg][Image: AslcvRH.jpg][Image: TwXb3Dr.jpg]

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 10-25-2017, 07:08 AM
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Cool to see the tape deck - brings back lots of memories.


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