10-22-2017, 05:41 PM
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I have a predicament. In my den sits a fantastic ATT H1 that I love using, yet haven’t for months. Once I started alternating between the ATT SE1 and the asylum RX - I’ve lost the urge to shave with a DE. Has anyone retired their DE’s and gone solely with SE’s? Is there anything you miss? 

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 10-22-2017, 05:44 PM
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Interesting concept, Mike. Tbh, I've gone the other way with the exception of an occasional injector shave. Will be following this thread with interest.

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 10-22-2017, 05:49 PM
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I'd say that I am in that camp.  I have a couple of favorite DEs...weber, variant, mergress...that get very little use.  Every once in a while I pick up one of them and use for a while, but head back to the Cobra, Rx, or Feather SS after a few days.

The most use I get out of DEs these days is when I travel, although if I found an inexpensive AC razor for travel* (meaning, I wouldn't be afraid to lose it because of the cost) I'd probably be 100% SE.

I am playing around with the SBS these days and enjoying it, but not sure it will supplant the SEs.

btw, that's a stunning ATT setup Mike.

*edit...I suppose the General or Hawk fit into my "inexpensive" category above...but I found each of them too mild for me.  I guess what I really want is a travel Rx  Smile

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 10-22-2017, 06:24 PM
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I did...then went back..I found my appreciation for milder DE razors increased as my technique improved, and the gap I perceived in efficiency between SE and DE narrowed considerably. Now I'm mostly in the DE camp because I have so many razors I enjoy.

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 10-22-2017, 06:35 PM
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I still rotate several DE into the mix. I could not part with them entirely.

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 10-22-2017, 06:45 PM
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Not I, Mike. I use DEs, almost exclusively for my face shaves, with the occasional straight razor.  However, I do use my Blackbird Sabre for my head shaves, almost every day. Shy

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 10-22-2017, 08:46 PM
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Not fully, but pretty much I use SE exclusively. I can't remember the last time I used a DE razor. It's probably been a year or more.

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 10-23-2017, 03:38 AM
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I have not used my DE since my ATT se1 arrived.  too good of a razor.

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 10-23-2017, 04:36 AM
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Pretty much, My Mongoose and SE1 are my daily drivers.  I only pull out my New Improved every now and then for nostalgia reasons.  Other than that, I use a DE when I travel (DE89).  

Only razor I'm looking forward to trying out this year is the Blackland Sabre with the upcoming more aggressive plate.

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 10-23-2017, 09:13 AM
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I would say 50/50 here.

In the dopp bag is a Mongoose and a Muhle Twist, and in house I usually have a line up of several razors.
Today that would be the older Muhle R41 (the open comb), a Streamline and a Standard razor DE.

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 10-23-2017, 10:48 AM
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I certainly lean towards SE for sure. A stiffer blade and a better shave IMHO. I love my Mongoose, el Jefe Jr (second edition), and of late, really enjoy the Gem blade and use the Sabre. I do throw in a DE for fun.

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 10-23-2017, 01:55 PM
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It does seem like the modern SE's are getting more and more popular with all the new models coming out. The artist-style blades are significantly more expensive though right?

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 10-23-2017, 02:49 PM
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yes, they are more expensive but I get many more shaves out of an AC blade (10-15) than I do a DE blade (5 max).  I think it is a different animal, like a GEM or similar.

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 10-23-2017, 09:34 PM
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18 months with AC blades for me. I've shaved with a DE maybe twice during that whole time. Definitely an AC convert here.

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 10-24-2017, 02:16 AM
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I enjoy dancing back and forth!
After I've skipped a day or two, though, I favor SE.

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 10-26-2017, 05:26 AM
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If you want to count a straight as an SE, I guess I'm in that camp.  I started out with a few DE's then switched to a Mongoose when the second batch came out.  I liked the stiffer artist club blades, but could never get things just right; so around that time, I bought a 13/16 ERN from Noah and things came together very quickly after that.  I still have a couple DE's that see the light of day occasionally (mostly when traveling), but I don't expect to go back to using them regularly anytime soon.  The main reason is that with the straights it's easy to vary the aggressiveness/mildness depending on where I am on the face, how long it's been nice my last shave, or simply how I'm feeling that day.

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 11-12-2017, 07:16 PM
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Ashamed to admit it but when in hurry or needing multiday BBS will use OneBlade Genesis (and truly hate self the entire time) between days using TimeLess or BBS.  Weekends are for straights though!

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 11-20-2017, 09:00 PM
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I’m so close to being a full convert to SE. The SE1 is such an amazing shaver, it’s all I ever reach for. Even if I get on a DE kick just to see if I still like it from time to time, the entire shave I’m thinking about my SE1 in the back of my mind. I’m so close to getting rid of my DE’s on the bst but I just can’t seem to part with them. I don’t see myself shaving with DE’s anymore exclusively. The only time I really see myself using them is if I’m traveling or just to see if I still like DE.

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 11-21-2017, 03:37 AM
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I now use the Focus r48. This has a se razor which uses halved de blades. It gives such a close,  smooth without cuts or nicks. My de edwin Jagger seems so clumsy and the Focus shaves awkward areas such as under my nostrils with ease.

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 11-21-2017, 05:27 AM
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I am 100% in the camp of SEs, mainly GEM types.  After trying a lot of DEs, I am passing on them.  Always seem to tug my skin (no matter the prep) and I never have this issue with SEs.  I have one ikon 101 in my possession and at some point I will sell it off.  I really want to use DEs for the blade price but my face says otherwise.  I also like schick injectors but as nice as those are to my skin, the blade price for brand name blades is still $1.00/ea.  I find them not to last as long as other's have said but sometimes my mileage sucks.

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