10-23-2017, 11:34 AM
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Up for sale today is the RazoRock Ti Baby Smooth, this razor has been used exactly one (1) time. These razors are only offered once in a while on the IB site (currently unavailable) and rarely on BST. 

As per the IB site:

It’s built from billet and rod grade 2 titanium. The razor has a glass bead blasted finish. All three of the posts in the top cap are fully machined from one piece of billet titanium, no tacked or spot welded posts.
Please do NOT expect perfection with these razors. Although the quality is extremely high, the razor probably will not be absolutely 100% perfect. They are machined and finished to a high user grade, not a jewel piece, the odd mark or blemish can be expected.  If you are looking for or expecting jewel quality, this probably isn't the razor for you.

Having said all that, I thought the finish on mine was quite nice and the shave was fantastic. I just happen to prefer lighter razors and therefore will be keeping my aluminum Baby Smooth and selling this hard to find beauty.

I paid $99.99 retail, I am offering it today for the same price and I will cover the shipping costs.

*CONUS Shipping Only

[Image: lnFSIW1.jpg]

[Image: daPYVBW.jpg]

[Image: Uux2dS2.jpg]

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