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I’ve gone strictly DE and injector, and am keeping only one Bullet Tip and one MMOC, just because. Now looking for appreciative homes for these no longer used razors. All are in excellent, original condition with only minor indications of use, with the exception of the Ever-Ready which I bought already replated. All are excellent mechanically. Prices are shipped CONUS. If you’re outside this area I’ll ask the buyer to pay shipping.


E-R 1912 purchased this beauty already replated from Hibco for $65, would like to get $50
GEM Clog Pruf $25
GEM G-Bar $25
GEM Featherweight (very rare gray handle and matte finish cap) $25

The brownish streaks on the towel are from the fluorescent lighting. The blue and white stripes in the caps are reflecting my shirt. Let me know if you want other pics.

Thanks for looking.

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