11-04-2017, 05:44 AM
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Up for grabs today are two Boellis creams that don't see much action. One is a backup and the other is not the wife's favorite. Almost impossible to get on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

I paid 29 euros each plus 14 euros shipping à year ago.

[1] Boellis Crema de Barba Condotti, 70% left. $23 CONUS shipped.

[2] Boellis Crema de Barba Chiaia 9, 85% left. $25 CONUS shipped.

[3] Take both for $44 CONUS shipped.

Contact me if Canada.

Both creams come with original box/packaging (not pictured).

Thanks for looking! [Image: 8b11da0daeee61e776ea278c823ab959.jpg][Image: c8da21c2ce4280048183df1a728768fc.jpg]

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