11-04-2017, 12:18 PM
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Hi All. I am clearing out some things from my den. I have the following available:

*Santa Maria Novella V.3 Shaving Cream and pre-shave/aftershave balm. Used 2x. $75 shipped. Retails for $130. SOLD

*Nuavia Verde Shave Soap. Used 2x. $45 shipped. Retails for $62 SOLD

*Mergress XL Adjustable Razor $85 shipped. Retails for $132 SOLD

[Image: 0a1244cade81a27f36fb016299932151.jpg][Image: e2f28dde32ee34e18f768bea6798d1ce.jpg][Image: f49c1036c9574c384c5f08694cffe9f6.jpg][Image: 7f997036fc959a06077acc53bbf6fb41.jpg][Image: dd94f49a78bd42230225700f9a884cad.jpg]

CONUS. Not responsible for anything broken during shipping and will package to the best of my ability to try to prevent damage.

PM with any interest. Thanks All!

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 11-04-2017, 02:33 PM
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Those were some great prices. Congrats to the buyers.

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