11-05-2017, 07:39 AM
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SOTD - 05.xi.2017[Image: 09d3b20d9eb1129c27e7da15283f82ba.jpg]

Enviado de meu SM-G610M usando Tapatalk

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 11-05-2017, 07:58 AM
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Myrsol Emulsión • Simpson Duke 3 Manchurian Tortoiseshell • CRSW Select Citrus • Razorock Black Hawk V2 • Feather Pro (2) • Chatillon Lux Colonia Balsamica AS

[Image: b0cdc01bfe19b3551cad433bd366a79d.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 08:24 AM
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[Image: untitled%201%20of%201-51_zpsaqwa3x2y.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 08:25 AM
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 11-05-2017, 08:46 AM
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Rufivk olivo Silvertip
Wickham Classic 24
Rockwell #5 con mango Stork Aristocrat + Gillette Bleue Extra
Verdon L'Occitane
Bulldog  Spf15
[Image: xgVsUTE.jpg]
¡Felices afeitados!
All the best.

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 11-05-2017, 09:00 AM
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[Image: fa5e0c64547e2aaf602371e94a8eed05.jpg]


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 11-05-2017, 09:16 AM
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Sunday AM 2017-11-05

Moss Anniversary Slate scuttle
Paladin Somerset Falstaff (28mm/53mm)
Harrods shaving soap (by Floris, vintage)
Delta Echo Ink Edition Feather AS-D2/Triad Copper Aristocrat
Gillette Platinum 'Swede' (11)
Dolce & Gabbana aftershave
[Image: fRhbm2V.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 10:26 AM
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G D Carrington Badger Brush
Martin de Candre Shaving Soap
Vitos Pre/Post Shave

[Image: yMhf9G7.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 11:37 AM
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Semogue Sintetico EL Barbear Clássico
Schick Proline
ASB Nivea
ASL Denim Original

[Image: 455430aef0ef5a4fc258b919c11a8c0a.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 12:03 PM
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My Traditional “Old Spice Sunday”
Razor: GEM MM
Soap: Old Spice
Brush: Simpson Chubby 1 Best
Aftershave #1: Thayer’s WH
Aftershave #2 Old Spice
Talc: Old Spice

[Image: cCmwnWA.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 01:27 PM
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Sunday 5th November

[Image: IMG_0316.jpg]

Birch Tar Soap
RSC Facial Scrub
Vitos Preshave Cream
Karo Classic Shaving Cream
Little Wren Pottery Bowl
Semogue SOC 2 band Badger in Cherry Wood
Dovo Inox 5/8 razor in Olive Wood
Alum Block with Rinse
Homemade Buttermix
Benjamins Bay Rum with Pimento
Molecule 01 Super ISO E

I needed a good relaxing shave after last night. We returned home late after the Festival of Remembrance to discover my 'wee sweetheart' (a Jack Russell/Poodle cross) was missing. Eventually we found the note stuck in the letterbox. She had been found in a state of distress a mile from Home. She had managed to escape from the 'secure area' at the back of the house. No organised fireworks....but apparently some one had let off a few big ones. I have decided that fireworks are evil things and there will be no more trips out around the time of Bonfire Night[Image: clear.png]

Fantastic 3 pass BBS Sunday Shave....and Seren is cwtched (cuddled) up beside me. She won't let me out of her sight.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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 11-05-2017, 01:45 PM
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 11-05-2017, 05:08 PM
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(11-04-2017, 09:29 PM)LuvWetShavin Wrote:
(11-04-2017, 07:57 PM)Smooth Steve Wrote:
11/05/17 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Crabtree & Evelyn Indian Sandalwood Triple Milled Soap
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sandalwood Shampoo/Conditioning Puck
Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment 
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Prickly Pear ATG Pre-Shave Soap 
Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber Shaving Soap 
RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic 26mm Brush 
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Plate 3
Astra Green Superior Platinum Blade - 2nd Shave
RazoRock Alum Stick
Homemade Lime & Rose Witch Hazel
Rockwell Barbershop Post-Shave Balm
Stetson Original Cologne
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sandalwood Natural Deodorant

[Image: SNZIfq9.jpg]

That's quite the set up there!   Thumbup

Thank you for the kind words.  I really like the Rockwell 6S.  I have only used it twice, and both times with plate 3, but the shaves were both great.  I need to get some usage under my belt, but I think the 6S will be up there on my list of favorites.

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 11-05-2017, 05:09 PM
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11/06/17 Shave of the Day
Face Wash with Mineral Fusion Face Soap
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sandalwood Shampoo/Conditioning Puck
Black Ship Grooming Co. White Whale Shaving Soap
RazoRock Plissoft Monster Synthetic 26mm Brush 
Creative Flame Pottery Stoneware Shaving Scuttle
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor
Astra Green Superior Platinum Blade - 3rd Shave Plate 3
RazoRock Alum Stick
Homemade Lime & Rose Witch Hazel
Aqua Velva Classic Ice Blue Cooling After Shave
NIVEA Men Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Sandalwood Natural Deodorant

[Image: rqkz6QG.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 06:04 PM
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Monday planned SOTD 

[Image: 9r6DNg0.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 09:05 PM
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 11-05-2017, 09:07 PM
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Menthol Monday SOTD
[Image: 3HVM1D1.gif] 

Razor: ATT H1/Luke Pinion Bamboo
Blade: Gillette Spoiler (D2)
Brush: T hater /TSN LE beehive 26mm
Bowl: TDG Style 4 5½” Cypress Sinker Log
Pre-Shave Scrub: Wickham 1912 Shamrock Tweed
Pre-Shave Balm: TSD Iced SubZero
Shave Soap: Prairie Creations DdC Alpine Snowdrift
Post: Stirling's Bay Rum Butter
Aftershave: Alt-Innsbruck

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 11-05-2017, 09:17 PM
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Proraso Green Pre/Post
Ever Ready 200 Maggards 24mm Plissoft Synthetic
Chiseled Face Cinnawood Boroka
Gillette Short Comb NEW / Gillette Super Silver (Shave 2)
Proraso Green Pre/post | Cinnawood Boroka

[Image: TCKdXXM.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 09:50 PM
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Monday 6th November
Razor: Parker 22R
Blade: Astra Green Brush:
Vie-Long #13051M
Lather: Prairie creations KISS
Aftershave: Myrsol Formula K
Additional Care: Alum Block and Scotch Porter Beard Balm

[Image: PaperArtist_2017-11-06_06-23-22.jpg]

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 11-05-2017, 11:40 PM
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[Image: jZv0ySf.jpg]

Pre-Shave: SebaMed, cold water
Razor: Razorock Mamba SS
Blade: Ladas (1)
Brush: Morris & Forndran Tigris
Lather: Mike's Bay Rum
Post-Shave: Alum, Stirling Bay Laurel Witch Hazel, Australian Emu Oil

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