11-05-2017, 03:13 PM
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I purchased a large 400ml glass bottle of Figaro Monsieur Gold Aftershave Splash last week, but it created some confusion for me upon arrival. According to the sites I had seen it on, every photo showed this:

[Image: DMdPssM][Image: C4P98B0.jpg]

You can see that the label says "Original Formula" on it. However, the bottle I received showed a significantly different label. This one shows "Ambra" as the scent:

[Image: UZ0lsVI.jpg]

I checked with the vendor, and they verified: "The label has been updated by Figaro but the product is identical."

This was also confirmed by visiting the Tcheon Fung Sing website at http://tfssoap.altervista.org/lineamonsieur.html where they show Ambra as the scent description but still have an older photo up of the "Original Formula" bottle.

In any case, hopefully this clears up any confusion in your search as well. I bought this based on suggestions from a couple of forums: I'm very pleased with it. I wasn't expecting great performance vs. my Floid Amber "The Genuine" Aftershave, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well it does. My guess is the allantoin present in the Figaro is what makes the magic happen. Immediate, clean dry down too. I would say that the scent on the Figaro opens up with more of an antiseptic/cologne scent before drying down to a powdery finish, whereas the Floid opens up with a sweet, almost melon-like scent before drying down to a powdery finish. I find that the Floid took longer to settle in to its final scent. Both excellent products, though!

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 11-07-2017, 12:14 PM
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They put "Original Ambra" on there recently when they began selling their new "Bluice" product under the same Figaro Monsieur label.

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