11-05-2017, 06:28 PM
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After buying the new Ikon SBS (don't really know why) I realized that I no longer have an Ikon in my rotation. I would like to pass on my Ikon razors, and some well cared for brushes that see almost no use to a better home. So it's time to make some room on the shelf. If prices are too high cause I have been out of the loop please PM me. I have purchased most of these items here on the nook so I am hoping they find a better home than what I could give them. 


1) Ikon S3S with bamboo handle. Used it and found that it was too mild for my face. Has small marks that could be polished out I just have not done it. Razor is in great condition just needs a polish. Retail was about $225 if I am not mistaking I am offering it for $190 shipped. - SOLD 

2) Ikon SBS with SS J. hemple handle. Head has been used once while handle has been stored after purchase due to have a spare in the rotation. Head was $40 and handle was $80 I would like $75 for the combo.

3) Ikon B1 Slant with OSS handle. Loved this razor and since purchase have used it about 15 times. I have had to load it from the bottom and use a q-tip to aline the blade true. DLC coating has no issues or chipping. I have gone away from slants. Retail on this razor is about $100. I would like $70 shipped. 

4) Ikon SS Special Edition handle (100mm) handle was dropped once and shows a small kiss on the bottom, hard to photograph and see but is there. Retail is $48 would like $30 shipped - SOLD


5) Brad Sears Chubby in horn resin. Has 25mm muele synthetic knot. Retail I believe was $90 bought form member here and used a handful of times. Would like $40 shipped.

6) Sterling Kong 26mm x 63mm. Retail is $15 would like $10 shipped or free with any brush purchase SOLD

7) Scott Pavkovich in horn resin with 24 x 48 whipped dog silver knot. Purchased from nook member here And used it about a dozen times, has great backbone but too small for my face. Has been sitting waiting to be used again. Retail was $60 sell for $45 shipped

8) Scott Pavkovich aqua moon java. I loved this brush and worked well for me. I used for about 30 shaves and realized I needed bigger brushes. Knot is a 24mm x 49mm TGN finest bought from a nooker for $100 would like $75 shipped.

Thanks for looking

[Image: iTV0AGz.jpg]

[Image: 7j1RiUF.jpg]
[Image: hrPDHGs.jpg]
[Image: hQYjVJ3.jpg]
[Image: NZWJOvG.jpg]
[Image: FyR3TT2.jpg]

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 11-14-2017, 09:19 AM
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Accepting Offers on whats left

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 11-20-2017, 10:27 AM
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Reduced prices. Great stuff that needs a new home. Thank you

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