11-21-2017, 12:09 PM
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I’m pretty sure this is a Flairtip Gillette from Razor Emporium re-vamp services. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I’m selling this razor as I prefer a heavier razors and a longer handle. I only used it twice.

When I ordered my REX Ambassador I requested and paid to have a rhodium finish. For whatever reason, the rhodium finish was not sticking. Matt said the high quality of the 316L steel was too high grade for it to stick. So instead of being refunded, I requested a vintage Gillette.

Retails for $99. I’m selling for $75 and I’ll cover the shipping. I’m selling the razor to but the funds towards the L2 base plate Sabre. [Image: 37f1c763070ecbe533d571892f6154ab.jpg][Image: 5e8791235e09e5f073d4049e6cfb4c9c.jpg][Image: 15dadd0b70d6c101780c3505c99ff9e9.jpg][Image: 0ffcdaae00afa93bdc417dc734271db4.jpg][Image: 9e6c694d50da1d9078e2c7850c76faf2.jpg]

Please email with any questions.

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