11-21-2017, 08:01 PM
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Hi all,

Three more for the sale listing.  Prices shown are shipped CONUS.  Outside of that, shipping will be the difference between CONUS shipping and your location (ie. if you're in Canada and it were $15 for first class shipping, it would be $15 - $5 (estimated domesting first class price) = $10.  The iKon is no longer sold, but was purchased by me from a shaving forum member some time ago, while the Tech is obviously vintage.  More pictures are available.  

First the iKon.  I believe this is the first generation of the iKon slants.  It's in very good condition and rarely used.  $25 shipped.  Sold pending funds.  

[Image: AxMFc67.jpg]

[Image: HisuZa2.jpg]

Next is the Canadian Tech.  Very gentle and efficient shaver.  $25 shipped.

[Image: LTXAaRy.jpg]

[Image: WD9NQuv.jpg]

This is a twist to open Segal razor.  I have had and enjoyed several.  This is the solid bar version, rather than the open comb, and this seems to be a little harder to find.  These are also gentle shavers, and kind of a cool mechanism.  User grade with some wear to the plating.  $20 shipped.

[Image: ov1BQgV.jpg]

[Image: bjq5yn1.jpg]

[Image: DA8uOdw.jpg]



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 11-29-2017, 07:50 PM
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Bump, on until 3 December.

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