03-09-2018, 01:29 PM
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(03-09-2018, 04:24 AM)Johnny Wrote: I have appreciated all the support that I have received over these past few months.  I think what I miss most about the blade is the sound it makes when it first starts to cut the whiskers.  I do not miss the nicks.  I enjoy switching out between the Norelco and Braun shavers and I still enjoy prepping for a good wet shave now and then.  Like anything else in life, we adapt.  A quick splash of Williams Lectric Shave, a good shave, cold water rinse, and a good aftershave and I am ready to go.

The funny thing is, this past Wednesday we started our Senior Pistol/Revolver Shooting League.  I think there were some that wondered if I was going to be able to do it this year.  But with a steady two hand grip on my revolver, I put everything on target and within a 2 inch group at 25 and 40 yards.

I will continue to adapt and overcome what life throws at me.  None of us had a guarantee attached to our butt when we were born and I have outlived most of the males in my family, so I will take what I can get and be grateful for it.

Amen, Johnny - no guarantees on the body that has to carry us through life - but with a sound philosophy like yours - you have the ability to get much more out of life than otherwise..

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