11-29-2017, 12:38 PM
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Hello Shave Nook,

Today I have for sale a brush made by Semogue in Portugal. This was a special project that had a lot of focus, patience and testing in regards to the creation of the knots used in the run of 100 brushes. These were made with the help of forum member Teiste over at the Spanish message board Foro Afeitado. The handle is done in butterscotch resin and bears an actual Semogue sticker vs many of their brushes with an Excelsior label. The bottom of the handle is engraved with "Semogue, Foro Afeitado 2016 Limited Edition." The knot is as usual held with a silver ring above the handle opening and holds 25mm diameter and loft height of 49mm. The hair is 2 banded (longer white tapered tips and second color is darker black) and was specially collected for approximately two years in order to obtain enough untreated badger hair. 

Typically on the current market, 2 band generally being thicker hair compared to silver tip, it is common practice to chemically treat and/or bleach 2 band hair to make it look lighter in color and/or to change the tips of the hair and possibly make it softer, even gel tips some times. This brush at the tips is very soft, due to the individual hairs being well sorted and assembled. The knot also has a balanced density and allows for great backbone and firm and allowing for lather release and flow through on the face. The shape of the knot is closer to a point or a bulb so it fan out and splay unless you choose to massage and lather deeper in the knot. I think this knot does exceptionally well with using circular strokes and painting. Personally, I think more people are concerned with a brush being too flimsy and giving to easily with painting motions but I think it holds well with circles but also moves across the skin with painting stories with enough tactile fell. The knot does have a glue bump that is about 6-7mm in and above the handle ring.

Knot Diameter: 25mm
Loft Height: 49mm
Canopy Height: 21.5mm
Bloom Width: 58mm

Handle Height minus ring: 49mm
Handle Base Width: 39mm
Overall Brush Height: 103mm

To sell this brush, I would like to be able to sell for a price shipped via USPS for $115 CONUS. Originally purchased for $120. If you would like the brush and are outside of USA, message me and we can work out if there is any additional price difference to add. Paypal goods and services is preferred so we are both safe. I always pack brushes well and protected so I can assure you that you will get it in as best condition I can do the brush justice. Reason for selling is I am a silver tip badger fan and I am looking forward to letting someone try a more unique brush vs the usual 2 band gel tip. Please let me know if you have any questions. Cheers! Smile 

[Image: Yzw0zTU.jpg][Image: VuvyBtE.jpg][Image: 8SwEyxu.jpg][Image: alxRbH5.jpg][Image: UDa6j1H.jpg][Image: HXkpj6e.jpg][Image: WLq5ghH.jpg][Image: 3vRjNFu.jpg][Image: VTM9w3S.jpg]
[Image: fAncxak.jpg][Image: mXQhSBo.jpg][Image: 2k0uLQ3.jpg][Image: ugzvptV.jpg][Image: sFdx2jj.jpg][Image: 74KmwuH.jpg][Image: lsx0p3C.jpg][Image: yqgW8DW.jpg][Image: WvHgWa4.jpg][Image: ouEHCkb.jpg]

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 11-29-2017, 12:44 PM
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Love that brush, always thought the handle is super sexy.

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 11-29-2017, 01:00 PM
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Thank you for the comment. It is very nice color and a very ergonomic handle in my hands. Luckily, it will be enjoyed by a 2 band afficiado. 


Thank you to TSN and the buyer!  Smile  Badger

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