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My earlier post was looking for just an Astor 90th Anniversary brush. I sold mine years ago as I felt the knot was too pointy. I am expanding the brushes that I listed from last night with hopefully slightly better pictures. My house gets limited sunlight so it can be hard taking pictures with artificial light. That and my skill is point and shoot. 

Brushes I am seeking:

Emillion 3-band Heritage (The crazy density stuff)
Rooney Finest in a long loft (Very long shot)
Rooney 2-band Heritage Gel tips (No Emillion or Victoria) Found 1XL
Simpson Astor or Astor 90th Anniversary
Simpson Duke 1 Best badger
Simpson Beehive (Super would be great, but Manchurian too)
TSS House Brand Black 24mm Silvertip model (looks like a faux ebony regular style Plisson handle)
Paladin Buck Rodgers in Purple Haze, Tigris Perla, Jade, and Lapis Lazuli preferably.
Paladin Sumo in Somerset or Strawberry Amber preferrably. 
Paladin Lotus in Strawberry Amber preferably. 
Paladin Tut in Harlequin, Bazooka, or Strawberry Amber only.
Paladin Cleo in Neptune, Bazooka, or Strawberry Amber only.
28mm+ Shavemac Knotted brushes in Pure and Finest possibly. It is just dependent on if I like the handle shape. Been looking at Style 87, 89, and 4071
Panta Rei Phoenix in Manchurian
Panta Rei Venice in Silvertip
Saponificio Varesino 2.0 brush (No Faux Ivory, Ebony, Tortoise, Bamboo, or Olive)

This doesn't mean that I wouldn't consider other items, but these are just brushes I am considering buying. You never know what you'll be introduced to that you didn't realize you wanted until presented with said option. Smile I realize most of these are rare and it might be hard to find a trade and money would be involved in evening out trades on both sides. I'm just looking to trade at the moment

Here are the brushes I am trading:

[Image: dGKIy8k.jpg]

1st Picture: L to R

Rooney? Curvaceous Beauty. Unused by me, bought as used but doesn't look it.
Kent C8 2-band. Bought as new, looks new
Semogue 2016 LE. Used twice by me
Morris & Forndran 1/3 Finest in Ebony, unused
Paladin Moe in Malachite 26mm I believe, unused
Thiers Issard Horn Silvertip, used once
Simpson JB3 (PJ3) Pre-fix in Best for Geo F. Trumper. Bought as used, looks unused

[Image: gknpcmp.jpg]

2nd Picture: L to R

Thater Ivory 2-band 28mm fan, used less than 5 times.
Dr. Dittmar 2-band (I call it squirt), used less than 5 times.
Shavemac 2-band Silvertip 28mm Jade 4318, unused by me, unsure of usage by former owner
Brad Sears Shaveworks 30mm Alibaba Handle in Jade (Got this from another member before Brad stopped selling just the handles)
Chubby 1 2-band Super Gray Box Era, used once and one hand lather by me (Photo is brush wet)
Semogue 2013 Special Edition Olivewood Silvertip, used perhaps twice by me. Definitely less than 5 times.
Rooney Emillion 2 3-band Super (Not the good 3-band Heritage)
Rooney Beehive 2 3-band Super (Not the good 3-band Heritage)
Mason Pearson Super badger brush. Used once by me, used little by previous owner.
Edwin Jagger Loxley 3-band Silvertip in Faux Horn. Used perhaps 10 times at most. Not as confident to say less than 5 times.

I'm not interested in selling at this time, and if I do decide to sell these, you'll find it in a post. 

Thank you for taking the time to read what I want and what I have available to trade. There are other items I could possibly include in a trade that would be of interest. I have way too much fragrance that might be of interest if you take an interest in that. Czech & Speake is probably the highest end I have, and sorry, not parting with those, but I have well known brands.

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