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Above the Tie razor sets, we were the first to offer a "fixed adjustable" razor shaving system. Our razor heads and handles are all interchangeable. This allows you to fully customize your razor or razors. With our five or seven piece sets you can use the R plate for regular shaving or the M plate for mild touch up before you go out in the evening. For those times when you have skipped a few shaves the H plate will shave off that heavy growth with ease. It is like having three razors in one set. You can also select various plate combination if you choose. When quality matters choose Above the Tie.

[/url][Image: 25299164_1602452066515333_52852489076889...e=5ACF88AF]
[Image: 25399208_1602452466515293_80041495858478...e=5AD78863]
[Image: 25299208_1602453123181894_24725223822449...e=5AC75C9E]
[Image: 25299281_1602453393181867_97691515196883...e=5AD087A8]

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