12-15-2017, 10:18 AM
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SOLD!!!!BEAUTIFUL SAPONIFICO VARESINO EBONY WITH PURE PEWTER 2.0 Shaving Brush used only 3x. Original cost over $200. Selling for $170. Very dense, excellent backbone with soft tips.
Artisanal shaving brush, featured by a two-bands High Mountain White Badger knot, from Manchuria. Knot size: 26mm – Loft: 50mm. The handle is the result of 3 different italian artisans' work. Free shipping Conus. International shipping available[Image: 66d516c73c2b2801b3488051c58d4029.jpg][Image: 7c51a637cfc254149e8ad2ba45bc7cda.jpg][Image: 317de9b33820dccef4dcbe0112f47b0f.jpg]

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