02-05-2018, 03:29 PM
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Most modern designs. I am not going to name specific models because those people probably put a lot of blood sweat and tears bringing them to market. The one that lived up to the hype to me was the Merkur Progress.

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 02-05-2018, 04:23 PM
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Most overrated IMO is the Gillette Fatboy. They look great to me but I could never get the performance to match the looks.

ATT SE1 lived up to the hype for me. It's essentially the only razor I use now.

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 02-06-2018, 06:58 AM
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One that has really surprised me is the Ocaam's Razor.  I had very low expectations for that one but it may be the one that finally makes the AC format blade a winner.

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 02-06-2018, 11:46 AM
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I bought the ATT SE1 after contacting them and asked a bunch of questions.  I could not be happier.

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 02-06-2018, 01:56 PM
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Overrated = Fatboy

Lived up to hype = Gillete New

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 02-21-2018, 03:44 PM
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The ATT was just worthless, good thing they took it back. The best in my humble opinion, Rockwell 6s  Heart
I doubt anything will ever, ever beat it.

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 02-21-2018, 06:08 PM
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Asylum RX. Lived up to the hype. My best razor. Use only PINK blades.

And, needless to say, my Wolfmen (closed and open) are a very close second.

I never use my Ikon B1 OSS. Just don't care for it.

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 02-21-2018, 06:33 PM
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i bought, used and sold my injector razor o type....wasnt very nice.

i bought, used, and kept my ATT R1 kronos....6 years old and going strong.

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 02-22-2018, 04:58 AM
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Ok, I will get into the disappointments. When I first started wet shaving I came into it with no preconceptions. In fact I kind of liked the looks of most modern razors, but I quickly found out that the only modern ones that matched vintage razors in the quality of my shaves cost significantly more. The ones that I could get for the same price gave me less comfortable and not as close shaves. Also razors touted as aggressive left me unimpressed. Whether they were considered mild or aggressive I still needed three passes to get the desired results and the milder ones were much more comfortable and smoother. Results have steered me to vintage razors and blades. And my best razors are Gillette Fat Handle Techs, Fat Boy, Red Tip and my Aristocrat. My choices are based on pouring over my daily shaving logs. Close to five years of detailed data right down to number of weepers if any and how much the aftershave stings, which tells you a lot. A lot of time on my hands and an inability to fill it in the ways I used to.

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 02-22-2018, 06:25 AM
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Fatboy. A mediocre shaver that looks great.

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 02-22-2018, 04:48 PM
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Fatip Grande.  Over-rated by a mile. I've had two. Never again. Terrible alignment, poor plating (ruthenium rubs off, nickel flakes off).
Gillette Old Type does  live up to the hype of being a great razor.  More blade feel than my NEWs, Techs and Super Speeds but without the face peeling harshness and risk of injury associated with the Fatips.
Honorable mention goes to the Merkur 34c (or G).  I bought one this year and found it to be a great razor and much better for me than the Muhle R89 I used to own.

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 02-27-2018, 04:45 PM
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To each their own and YMMV but my Fat Boy is among the top five razors I've ever used. I think , and I may be presuming when I shouldn't be, but I think aggressiveness is over-rated and has been pursued by razor manufacturers today at the expense of comfort, which I value higher...to a point.

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 03-03-2018, 06:14 AM
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Overrated: Rockwell

Up to the hype: Timeless and Evolution Model T

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 03-18-2018, 11:19 AM
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Lived up to expectations :

1) Rockwell 6S/6C best value for money razor(s) in market today. Everything is right about the Rockwell adjustable design, fit and finish, make quality, precision and Packaging, Above all high quality shaves.

2) Razorock any razor SE /DE again high value for money razors. Mamba, Hawk V2 and Wunderbar are a joy to shave with.

3) Pearl / Parker razors anything as long you get a good copy.

4) Merkur / Muhle/EJ / Fatip anything

Hyped : Vintage Gillette adjustable anything. Have alignment issues with all of them to some degree.

I guess I am a happy razor owner as long as price point doesn't breach 100$ mark. Smile

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 03-18-2018, 11:25 AM
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For me one of the biggest disappointments was a borrowed BBS-1.  As noted before, it had great machining and quality, but its shave was nothing special at all.

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 03-29-2018, 04:44 PM
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Fine Slant
Gillette Slim - do they make a less comfortable razor(on any setting)

Lived up to the hype:
Colonial Razors The General
Blackland Blackbird
Timeless .95 OC & SB
Charcoal Goods Level 2

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 03-29-2018, 10:53 PM
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These lists have evolved over time for me and my tastes over time:

For me, the overhyped were the PAA Starling, iKon SBS, Charcoal, Timeless, Asylum Evolution, iKon X3, SS Mamba, 34C, RR Wunderbar
Not that these are necessarily bad, but they did not meet my expectations.  For instance the Charcoal & Timeless razors are beautiful and nice additions to the den, but do not shave as well as the razors noted below.  They are not functionally perfect for my preferences.  Some are a bit too mild for me, others don't provide the feedback I look for, and others may be too sensitive to a certain angle, etc.  For example, 34C was a great razor for me to learn wet shaving on, but today it takes too many passes to get a BSS for me.  It feels good, but could be a bit more aggressive.  The Wunderbar was a tough decision for me because it machined tight, shaves well, but provides less feedback then I prefer.  It is almost too smooth for its level of aggression.  I find it is rough on my face as a daily driver.  It is easy to over shave with it.
The ones that exceed and out performed the hype: Wolfman, Eclipse Red Ring, Rockwell 6S, RR Ti Baby Smooth, Ming Shi, R41, Gem 1912, RR Black Hawk, PAA DOC Grackle.
These all provide the best shaves for me.  Some are great values, other are pricey, but all provide my favorite shaves.  I am not saying that my Ti Wolfman shaves 25x's better then my inexpensive PAA Bakelite for example.  I already justified the purchase at the time of acquisition based on price and design, so it comes down to performance.  I'm saying irregardless of the prices, these razors provide the best, most satisfying shaving experiences for me - so I can't ask for more from the razor.  I know many may question my taste because some razors here are aggressive like the R41 and others like the DOC are not - but the shaves are just really enjoyable because of the overall designs and geometry.  I could easily use any of these as daily drivers as my only razor and be very happy.


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