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OK, let me put this straight out there. I have NO NEED for another razor in my lifetime. With that out of the way I am looking for suggestions as to what I should purchase next.

The specs I am looking for are quite specific.
1) I am looking for higher end razors. I just ordered a Futur from bullgoose and that's what I consider low priced.
2) I prefer closed end razors (i.e. the side edges of the blades do not stick out from the sides of the head) That said .... the Weber DLC does intrigue me
4) Elegant good looks. My primary razors are an iKon S3S with a Bamboo handle and a Feather AS. A Pils comes to mind here as a possible purchase.
5) Finally it must be modern. I have plenty of oldies but goodies, I am looking for a modern masterpiece. Something being made today. A purchase to encourage people to keep making these razors.

So with those thoughts I am open to any and all suggestions. (BTW, I am specifically looking for DE suggestions. I do like the Cobra Classic but that does not fit the bill for this request).

My current razor collection:
A. One's which fit the request
1. iKon S3S with Bamboo handle
2. Feather AS-D1
3. Merkur Futur

B. Ones which do not fit the description (will probably sell off both)
1. Merkur 34C HD
2. Muhle R89

C. Oldies but Goodies
1. 1953 Gillette SS
2. 1962 Gillette Slim Adjustable
3. Looking for a 1961 (Q4) FatBoy

D. No Way No How
1. Merkur Vision

Thanks to anyone who has suggestions.


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 03-13-2012, 05:15 AM
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It might also be practical to list razors you already own and like (or for that matter dislike). Based on the iKon and Feather, I would guess you prefer milder razors? You couldn't go wrong with the Muhle R89. Closed end seems to be a purely aesthetic touch. Functionally, it seems like more trouble during blade changes. I won't deny it sure looks good on the OSS, though.

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 03-13-2012, 06:32 AM
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(03-13-2012, 05:15 AM)Dirty Texan Wrote: It might also be practical to list razors you already own and like (or for that matter dislike).

Oops, sorry about that it certainly wasn't very clear after re-reading it (all the razors which I considered in line with my wants were in lines 1 and 4, but it certainly was not well organized). Fixed!

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