02-10-2018, 04:30 PM
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The personal representative of an estate gifted me this interesting vintage, solid sterling silver DE razor from Mexico. 

It's a small DE, with an overall length of 72mm or 2.8".  This is what the razor looks like.

[Image: 7f5QNIu.jpg]

The razor disassembles into four pieces.

[Image: ESnuBGD.jpg]

The razor has stamped lettering throughout.  On the top left of the base plate, it says "Sterling Mexico."  On the bottom right of the base plate, it appears to say "Pat ___", followed by "7128-6-14-44."  This may contain a date code or patent number.

[Image: pxo4u48.jpg]

Flipping the base plate over, the bottom of the base plate says "Reyna."

[Image: woJwALZ.jpg]

The bottom of the handle says "Reyna Taxco.":

[Image: Fb6UUa0.jpg]

I'm not knowledgeable about vintage razors.  I did some quick research on this razor, and I'll pass along what I found.  However, this comes with the qualifier that I only spent a few minutes researching this and did not go deep enough to verify what I found.

This razor was made in the Mexican city of Taxco, which has a history of silver mining and crafting of silver goods.  Apparently these razors are difficult to date, but one eBay seller says they are from the 1940's.  Reyna is the company which made the razor.  This was designed to be a travel razor, and originally came in a small solid sterling silver case. 

My razor weighs 85 grams, but other descriptions of the razor which I've read indicate a weight of  90 to 120 grams.  85 grams is roughly 3.0 ounces.  Sterling silver is defined as silver which is 92.5% pure.  

Here is my razor next to a Gillette 1940's style Super Speed and a Timeless, so you get a perspective on its size.

[Image: nli2Sal.jpg]

I've shaved with the razor three times.  It's a heavy razor for its size, but balances well.  It's a mild shaver, similar to a Gillette Super Speed.  I'll continue to enjoy using it periodically for a change of pace.

If any of you gentlemen have some information on this razor, please share it with us.

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 02-10-2018, 05:21 PM
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Very nice razor. Thanks for sharing.

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 02-10-2018, 05:55 PM
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I have one also.

Other than some pictures from before I cleaned it up I don't have much to add. The one I got, off of eBay, is also branded A&F. Must be from the earliest time of that company. I recall doing a little bit of reading when I got this and apparently Abercrombie & Fitch was originally an outdoor activities supplier. 

[Image: KU9Dzd8.jpg]

[Image: 2d9ia8D.jpg]

Mine isn't very good at shaving though. It isn't even really comparable to a superspeed.

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 02-10-2018, 06:10 PM
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I found some "after" pictures when I got done polishing mine April in 2016. Time flies...

[Image: rxM4fiw.jpg]

Clearly I'm not a photographer or highly skilled at polishing. I only used a cotton rag and Flitz here. 

[Image: fkP7N3I.jpg]

Silver for sure. 

I originally sought out a silver DE razor intentionally to use one and was surprised that the market is very barren of them. Some old Gorham silver sets exist as Gillettes but I'm almost positive that the heads of those are plated brass rather than solid silver.

I had some hair brained notion that silver would help me with irritation with the antimicrobial properties it has. That's probably not quite how it works, but I ran with it anyway just for an alibi in case the wife hit with me the "another razor" stare.

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 02-10-2018, 06:10 PM
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That's interesting Todd.  In my quick research I did learn that Reyna also made this razor for Abercombie & Fitch.  Thanks for posting on this, and the pictures are helpful.

By the way, I had an interesting experience the first time I shaved with this razor.  It literally did not shave.  I was perplexed by this.  I started playing around with it and found that if I loosen the handle just a bit, it works better.  Apparently, if you tighten the handle normally, the cutting edge of the blade is pressed so tight against the base plate that there is virtually no gap under the blade and it doesn't cut.  By loosening the handle slightly, you create some gap under the cutting edge of the blade and it begins to cut.  Try that and see if yours shaves any better.

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 02-10-2018, 06:13 PM
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Makes sense.

I'll give it a shot!

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 02-10-2018, 06:54 PM
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Nice razors, gents. I imagine silver razors were quite the upscale luxury item. Enjoy your shaves Smile

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 02-11-2018, 04:33 AM
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Lovely. Glad you mentioned Taxco's history of silversmithing.

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 02-11-2018, 09:31 AM
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Interesting. This is a new one to me.

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 02-12-2018, 05:19 AM
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Far too long ago I wandered down to Taxco and was truly amazing.  There were dozens of little silversmith family operations making everything from jewelry to vases to tools from silver.

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 02-22-2018, 05:22 PM
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So, I've been using mine all week. A little twist is what it needed.

A slight turn loosened up and it's got a fantastic shaving angle built in. Somehow without lather holes it still clings to the lather being removed in those grooves under the head.

A little bit more than a slight turn one day and it actually bit me. 
I almost couldn't believe it. 
Haven't nicked myself in quite some time. Really can't remember the last time. 
It was just a tiny weeper but it was a all but gone a day later which genuinely surprised me. I wonder if the silver did help me heal?!

A really nice shaving razor.  It's not just a shelf queen after all!

Thanks for the tip Ricardo.

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 02-22-2018, 05:50 PM
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Todd, thanks for following up.  Your experience with slightly loosening the handle totally parallels mine.  Once you understand that the key is to slightly loosen the handle, it's a nifty little shaver.  I'm enjoying mine on a regular basis.  There is something nice about using a vintage razor made from solid sterling silver.  Mine is even showing up in some of my SOTD pictures.

[Image: 6MGYo4x.jpg]

[Image: l0h6afb.jpg]

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 02-25-2018, 04:42 AM
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Those look really nice. A blend between a travel and a nice handles tech.

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