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I like to think of this article as "tales from the dark side!" Smile Will King of King Of Shaves writes about some of the technologies that go into today's modern razor cartridges, other than blade count.

Will and I became acquainted on Twitter a few years ago and we've had some really interesting discussions over that time. Personally, I've always thought the idea of a pivot in a razor is a sound one, and there are even some single-blade razors that have them (OneBlade, Focus Dynamic, Gillette Guard, etc.). TL;DR--

Five things are key:

The blade edge and coating.
How the blades are held in the cartridge, and the exposure/spacing between them.
The ability of the cartridge to maintain contact with the skin at the pivot point.
The inclusion of a lubricating strip to aid glide and comfort.
Skin Tensioners & Edging Trimmers.

Gillette’s Sensor nailed all of these key attributes, and the introduction of Mach3 in 1998 further reinforced Gillette’s dominance.

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 02-15-2018, 08:00 AM
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Interesting article. Thank you.

I tried that vibrating razor from Gillette when it first came out. It numbed my thumb for hours after every shave. It was very unpleasant, and gave me unremarkable shaves.

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