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FS Good quality, inexpensive razor lot

These are surprisingly good razors for the money, with complimentary forum reviews.

1. Unused Utopia – DE89-type head; chrome plated, hefty, solid brass handle; chrome plated Zamak head. Not currently available; closest on Amazon is Perfecto w/4” handle at $11.95 shipped.
2. Unused Rapira w/5 Platinum Lux blades. Paid $7 shipped.
3. Ming Shi 2000s used just a few times – a Merkur Futur clone. Paid $7 shipped.

$22 shipped for the lot, CONUS and PayPal, please.
I would prefer to sell, but I’m open to a trade at equity, if there’s a new or slightly used artisan soap(s) in your den you don’t care for– I’m interested in Declaration Grooming, Wholly Kaw, Grooming Dept., Stirling, CRSW Select, and WSP (in that order)…?

Please just PM me, as I won’t be monitoring posts.
Thanks for looking!

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