03-21-2018, 03:35 AM
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Being raised in Texas and living there for 45 years, with so many family and friends living in the Austin area, all I can say is job well done. You all can rest easy tonight.

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 03-21-2018, 03:46 AM
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Yes, job well done by Texas law enforcement.

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 03-21-2018, 04:45 AM
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Thank God no lawmen were injured...

Texas Rangers. Still badass

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 03-21-2018, 04:48 AM
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 03-21-2018, 05:31 AM
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Signs011 Thumbup 

I would almost like to know how someone could be so twisted as to plant bombs, or shoot up a school. What goes through their minds to even allow the thought to be entertained for even a minute no less as long as it takes to implement it.

I hope I don't run afoul of the site rules, if so just delete the offending parts.

I know we're discussing a bomber above, but when I was a child we were allowed to bring weapons into school to work on them. Heck, I brought in a Civil War Saber for a presentation. Try that today. We regularly had what we needed to go hunting after school, in our cars. No one ever even contemplated their use for anything illegal that I know of, and we had a few mental whackos in school and we all knew who they were. I just read an article by Walter Willams and he claims that today we simply don't have the underpinnings of inner morality that gave us the inability to think along the lines of doing deeds such as are done today. I find that quite credible.

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 03-21-2018, 05:34 AM
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There's no place for terrorism in this or any country.  Good work.

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 03-21-2018, 05:45 AM
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I knew this kook was gonna go out in a blaze of self proclaimed glory and glad it was just him.

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