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Took a trip south and enjoyed a short stay in Melbourne. I found a few old brushes including the three below in different locations. Nothing brilliant, but not too bad, either.

First (on the left) is what appears t be a Vulfix Grosvenor in boar, of unknown vintage, but yellowed over time. 1970s? It has little cracks here and there but it is stable. The ergonomic handle of the Grosvenor is favoured my many.

Second is a vintage celluloid Ever-Ready, Made in England, possibly late 40s early 50s. Loft is a terrible shedder, but handle is in tip-top condition. Not a single chip. Smells of creosote. 

On the right is a "Nevershed" (Pat Feb 14 -05) Made in USA. (That patent date is Valentine's Day, I just realised.) Wooden handle with stamped, aluminium ferrule. Nice curio. No idea of the date, though, but clearly later than 1905.

 [Image: vF0Ludg.jpg]

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