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First is a 1963 Gillette Slim double edge adjustable safety razor.   This one was made in the first quarter of 1963 (I - 1 date code).  It's in nice condition, has a few very minor cosmetic signs of normal wear, but very little.   All the adjustments from one to nine click smoothly and evenly, one door is slightly lazy, doesn't quite open all the way with turning the knob but a tiny touch with your finger opens it fully.  Not important, just wanting to be fully transparent.  Asking $28.50 shipped
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This is a " Superior " brand single edge "lather-catcher" style vintage safety razor.  These are much less common than the GEM, STAR, Kampfe Bros. or Ever-Ready lather-catchers.  It's origin is a little unsure, some of the later Superior razors have a G on the blade holder part of the razor that you see on the GEM lathercatchers, but this one doesn't.  So, we're not sure if it was later bought out by GEM or part of the GEM company all along.  They are great shavers.  There is a bent spot on the handle, but otherwise the razor is in exceptional condition for one that has a patent date of 1900 and seems to have been made between 1900 and 1910 as far as I can research.  It is able to use the modern single edge razor blades made for shaving.  Asking $28.50

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