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I have always liked using pre-shave oil but I've not been consistent in its use. I just started using oils again and keep wondering why I ever stopped, it makes my shaves and face during and after feel that much better with the aggressive razors that I use. So I decided to start this thread because of my fickleness. 

I have this on again and off again relationship with using a pre-shave oils. To begin with I started using oils about 30 years ago on the suggestion from a barber (from our conversation on my preference for aggressive razors and irritation and ingrown hairs) that I start using oils to prepare my beard and skin before I started the shave. He wrote down 2 oils to use Caster Oil being the primary oil and Olive Oil with the ratio 2 to 1 and to use a scented scent oil if I wanted. Well I followed his advice and low and behold my shaves improved, no irritation and less nicks. And after a year I just stopped, it was a few years then went back to using oils again for the next few years and then stopped again.

This has been my routine for 30 years, now I'm back to using oils again for the umpteenth time and I keep asking myself “why the hell did I stop?”. My thinking I suspect is I did not like the oil residue that was left on my hands (even though I would wash the oils off before I shaved) that would get on the brush and razor handles. I will add that the oils would change the feel of a brushes tip presence and render a softer lathering (which I liked especially for those brushes that did have a tip presence). Also there is a transfer of oils onto the hairs of the brush even after I washed the brush clean after the shave. I personally like those oils on the brushes hair.

For those of you that want to try or are already using oils here is a cheap way of making your own pre-shave oil, you'll save money and have enough oil to last you a few years.

Making pre-shave oil is simple you can make a few different oil batches in 4 oz container's that you can buy at your local Walgreen's, CVS etc. Caster oil is the base to mix with any one of the following oils, Olive (virgin oil from the supermarket), Jojoba, Almond Sweet, Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Argan, get some vit E (use a small amount 8mil per 4 oz batch) and add some essential oil if you want. To me essential oils are not necessary because the scent from the soap you'll be using will cover it up. There are other oils that you can use that I have not listed, you can buy many of the oils on line in 15oz bottles, they will last for years For myself I'm not fancy I only mix 2 oils and a little vit E.

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