04-01-2018, 11:17 AM
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Selling my batch 1 Mongoose stainless steel razor head. I had this one cerakoted a couple years ago and am finally ready to part with it. I think when I purchased it, it was around $175-$185 with the barberpole handle. I never had the handle coated and use it with other razor heads. I am throwing in 2 Grooming Dept soaps (1 vegan and 1 duck/Tallow base) as well as 2 Tallow Wholly Kaw soaps. $125 CONUS. US shipping only. Thanks for looking. PM me if interested. [Image: 409cb1f5831a7e00b66d9220c3f0e3be.jpg][Image: 8873c2310cb38827cf478964af2fb2cc.jpg][Image: 8b6fb0d257cde6707b0177b0804659ae.jpg][Image: ee388f1cb79d09da6df954ff87bba4f5.jpg][Image: ac4d0b91dde9c4f1bfd9c373544ec8d6.jpg][Image: 23951ec74e3711e76259ef5332c7158a.jpg][Image: 1f3b9db38c833b8947cb1e59e0a8083a.jpg]

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